OXO Good Grips 1 3/4" W Silicone Bristle BBQ Basting Brush

Sale price$13.99


Take your grilling to the next level with the OXO 11309300 Good Grips 1 3/4" W silicone bristle BBQ basting brush! Silicone bristles with special patented center holes hold sauce better than other basting brushes. This helps you lose less sauce in transport, allowing you to apply maximum sauce to your meats or vegetables. With an angled head, this brush never touches the counter, helping you maintain an effortlessly clean space.

Constructed from heat-resistant silicone, this brush can handle the hot grill environment. For added safety, an extra-long handle with a soft, non-slip grip keeps your hands away from the dangers of the grill. Make irresistible, saucy ribs or vegetables with this cleverly designed grilling basting brush!

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