Weber Summit 24-Inch Kamado S6 Charcoal Grill Center - 18501101

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  • Snap-Jet gas ignition system lights the charcoal with ease
  • Two position charcoal grate can be raised for improved searing or lowered for smoking
  • Air insulated design allows grill to respond to temperature adjustments quickly
  • Stainless steel diffuser plate for indirect low temperature cooking
  • Includes a convenient work table with tool hooks and a charcoal storage bin

Taking the classic design of the Weber kettle grill and making it bigger and bolder in every way, the Weber Kamado Grilling Center is designed to make backyard grilling and smoking more easy and convenient. Made of premium-grade U. S. Steel coated with porcelain enamel inside and out, the Summit Kamado grill features a double walled bowl and lid. Air is trapped between the double walls and acts as an insulator, retaining heat and keeping the temperature consistent for up to 12 hours on a single load of charcoal. In addition, the air insulated design allows the grill to respond to temperature adjustments much faster than grills made from ceramic. The 24-inch stainless steel cooking grate offers 452 square inches of cooking space, so you can cook for the whole family easily. The Summit Kamado grill also features the Gourmet BBQ System hinged cooking grate with a 12-inch insert that can be replaced with other components (sold separately) such as a wok or pizza stone, allowing you to cook a wider variety of food on the grill. The Snap-Jet gas ignition system runs off a 16 ounce propane cylinder so you can start the fire with a gas flame and be ready to cook in 15 minutes. With the two position charcoal grate, you can set the grate low for smoking or high for high searing heat. For more improved cooking at low temperature, place the stainless steel heat diffuser plate just above the coals. The plate deflects heat away from food, keeping the consistently low. The Summit Kamado is designed to take the guesswork out of perfecting the airflow during cooking. Three bottom vent positions make it easy to dial in the right amount of air. Use the smoke setting to minimize the airflow, or open up the vent wide for searing with high heat. The RapidFire lid damper features a hinged design, so you can open it up for maximum airflow or adjust it side to side to dial in more precise temperatures. The Summit Kamado includes a heavy-duty, easy open lid hinge makes opening the lid nearly effortless. The lid also features a braided stainless steel gasket which seals the lid and the bowl, holding heat inside like a vacuum. The One-Touch cleaning system makes clean-up hassle free. As you rotate the handle, three blades in the bowl move ash through the vents and down into the removable, high-capacity aluminum ash catcher below, which is enclosed to prevent ashes from blowing away and creating a mess. The Summit Kamado Grilling Center is equipped with a large, durable stainless steel table which provides ample space for food prep and serving. It also includes a removable Char-Bin storage container that holds up to 20 pounds of charcoal with a tight closing lid to keep moisture out. The heavy-duty steel cart features a bottom wire rack for extra storage space for grilling tools and accessories.

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