Kosmos Cow Cover Rub 10.5oz KOS-BFRUB

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Kosmos Q Cow Cover Competition Rated BBQ Dry Rub

The best way to describe this rub would be red and rich. With the distinctive taste of chili pepper, garlic and onion, sugar and paprika, this scrumptious spice combo is the premier way to get that perfect pop of flavor out of your red meat. Whether you're cookin' up T-bones, burgers or even London broils, Cow Cover is the best way to get the most flavor from your beef. This delicious BBQ dry rub powder is the perfect seasoning to add a spicy kick to any red meat! This special blend of spices is the perfect balance of savory and smoky-heat, delivering a mouthwatering explosion of rich red goodness combined with just the right amount of chili pepper. This original rub blend is full of robust flavor that will enhance your BBQ creations with a subtle, yet thrilling, heat accent unlike any other for an experience your tastebuds will crave. This BBQ rub is not only a fantastic seasoning or coating for a variety of meats, including beef, chicken, pork, seafood, brisket, wings, ribs or salmon, but also the perfect rub for spicing up your other favorite foods. With just a sprinkle you can enhance the flavor of casseroles, potatoes, baked beans, and more! This small batch BBQ rub is blended for quality, not quantity, its made with real sugars, gluten free and has no added MSG's, an all natural rub that's bound to keep you happy with every bite. Kosmos Q's special blend is the perfect balance of spicy and savory spices, delivering a mouthwatering explosion of BBQ goodness full of robust flavors that will enhance your barbecue creations.

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