Hessaire Evaporative Cooler 10.3 Gallon 750 Sq. Ft.

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Control Panel

Simple upkeep and easy-to-operate rotary controls make controlling this air cooler a snap.

  • Motor Speed Dial: Turn on the cooler and select your fan speed between Low, Medium, and High with the fan switch.
  • Air Swing Delivery System: Turn the swing switch to on or off for automatic oscillation.

Manual + Continuous Fill Options

Flexible water fill options are available to you when you have the swamp cooler indoors or outside near a garden hose.

Manual Fill

Push on the spring loaded front fill door for manual fill into the 10.3-gallon tank. Monitor water volume through the water level indicator. When the water limit hits “FULL,” start the internal water pump.

Continuous Fill

Assemble the continuous fill garden hose float adaptor to the swamp cooler during assembly. The continuous fill method allows for a simple garden or coil hose connection that eliminates the need to manually watch and fill the water tank.

Powerful Airflow

Cooling the air is only a part of the process; propelling the chilled air into your space is what brings you needed relief. Specially engineered features from Hessaire allows this mobile evaporative cooler to provide an airflow of 3,100 CFM to your area:

  • The cupped axial fan design allows it to not only provide a strong airflow to thrust chilled air into your space.
  • Air swing delivery system moves cool air left to right across the room to ensure that air is evenly distributed,
  • Axial fan can be adjusted between three-fan speeds – Low, Medium, & High.

Portable and Reliable Cooling

Weighing only 40-pounds, the Hessaire MC37M is a lightweight portable evaporative cooler. With durable construction and heavy duty wheels for rolling, it’s perfect for tailgating, camping, cookouts, or even indoors in a home office or workshop.

It's simple to install: Simply roll it into place, add water, plug it in and start cooling. 

Additional Features

  • Fan-Only: Use swamp cooler on one of the three fan speeds without water just to propel air throughout a stuff room.
  • Cup Holder: Top cup holder is a great resting place for drinks.
  • Palm Design: Unique palm grill design provides an organic design.

Reasons our customers love this product:

  • Best Places to use this evaporative cooler: garages, patios, right next to your grill, pools, and outdoor kitchens. 
  • Long Run Time: With the 10.3-gallon water tank you’ll have three to four hours of continuous cooling. Hook it up to a water hose to constantly run without needing to refill.

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