DCS Series 9 24" Power Burner PBE1-24-L/N

Option: NG Natural Gas
Sale price$2,599.00


  • From 1,300 to 70,000 BTUs for simmering to fast boiling
  • Unified operation between Series 9 products from ignition to dial illumination
  • Removable drip tray makes cleaning fast and easy
  • Includes stainless steel cover to protect your burners from the elements

Put your favorite pot or wok to work on a DCS Series 9 Built-In 24-Inch Propane Power Burner. Designed to support different sized pots and woks, this burner produces BTUs as low as 1,300 and as high as 70,000 so you can get a rapid boil or a slow simmer. This Series 9 Power Burner is made with 304 grade stainless steel, while the burner itself is made with cast brass, making these burners long lasting and durable. As a safety feature, intuitive LED lights in the knob bezels glow white when the grill is on and orange when the burner is lit. The removable grates come as two pieces, and are designed to provide stability for pots and woks of all sizes without the need for adjusting them. This Power Burner also features a removable drip tray that catches any grease or drippings. This Series 9 Power Burner is designed with a matching look to all other Series 9 products, and has seamless installation and interconnectivity between the products for unified operation. Includes stainless steel cover and requires a 120V power connection.

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