BGE Large Egg 117632 LHDA

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The most versatile and popular size of the line, the Big Green Egg Large EGG maintains the capacity to handle almost any cooking need without sacrificing speedy and efficiency. It's compatible with all EGGcessories, making it easy to customize for baking, roasting or smoking. Whether for weekend cookouts or getting together with all your friends, the Large EGG is equipped to cook up to 12 burgers at a time or even 8 steaks at once. And while it has the capacity for an entire 20lb turkey, it's still so efficient that you can whip up a smaller meal for two in no time!

All EGGs are made from high-quality, insulating ceramics that hold in heat for better temperature control and expand with temperature fluctuations to prevent cracking over time. A grill, oven, and smoker combined, the EGG can reach high temperatures for perfect searing or maintain low temperatures for hours of slow cooking. Patented air flow controls let you grill, roast, smoke and bake at exact temperatures up to 750°, and put you in control with a cast iron top vent cap and stainless steel draft door for ventilation. Each EGG features a spring loaded lid for easy opening and closing, and a durable, stainless steel cooking grid.

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