BBQ Rubdown Sweet Heat Honey Pequin Rub - Step Two

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Sweet heat perfection!

Pequin peppers are native to Mexico and rank in heat somewhere between a jalapeño and a habanero. This rub is a perfect balance of heat if you wanna kick things up a notch! Apply their Step One Basecoat and allow spices to permeate deep into the meat to create a natural exterior “sweat” binder. Wait 10 minutes for the magic to happen, then generously layer with our Step Two Sweet Heat Honey Pequin Rub for maximum flavor and incredible color. Enjoy the ride!

Why two steps?

By separating the two different layers and steps, you’ve locked in flavor internally with the Base Coat, while still being able to apply as much Sweet Heat as desired, all without over salting. Wait at least 10 minutes before adding meat to grill. Need a little more salt and spice next time? Add more Base Coat.

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