PK300 Aaron Franklin - Coal or Teal

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Color: Coal
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Aaron Franklin has come out with a new grill!   It is simple and built to last.   Sometimes complexity just gets in the way of fun and great food.

Both colors have a matte finish with more texture than the normal pk300. Both will have a Franklin Coal Colored base and lugged frame, the Teal Lid will have a teal color the Coal Lid will match the Base with Franklin Coal. 

Added Accessories - 
1) Speed Racks, the Franklin BBQ Pits PK300AF features two added speed racks underneath the grill capsule. These speed racks can accommodate any 17-18" baking pan or bbq tray. The top speed rack will all but function as a warming rack for cooked food, baked goods like buns, rolls or tortillas. The second lower one can basically become a storage drawer for any supplies you are using while running the grill. 
2) Front Shelf Supports- The units have a front shelf as well as a split belly bar, though the cast aluminum supports on either side of the cart themselves are a call out. They feature first and foremost, integrated bottle openers in the cast. Then, an added towel or tool hook beneath the belly bar and front shelf.
3) Front Shelf/Belly Bar- The added front shelf itself is handy for spices, cans, spray bottles for having handy while fiddling with the product you are cooking. The belly bar has multiple entry points on either sides for hanging tools or tongs, right and left of each independent belly bar. The belly bar also has a middle section for towels or hanging tools enclosed in the middle on both sides. 
4) Second folding shelf- the normal pk300 only has a shelf on the right side while the pk300af also has a left shelf. 

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