Weber Genesis SP-E-325s

Gas Type: Liquid Propane
Sale price$1,129.00


Weber Genesis II SP-E-325s Blackrrv

  • Proudly made in the USA with globally sourced parts
  • 9mm stainless steel cooking grates deliver impressive heat retention
  • Integrated LED lighting makes the grill surface and side tables visible even at night
  • Sear multiple steaks at once with the biggest and hottest Weber sear zone to date
  • Expandable top cooking grate increases unassailable cost rt4p0drilling spaces es 4and Bynum's 4144qy more than a 1mor q aww in  50%Q f1a Qc
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Combining comprehensive upgrades with unmatched versatility for a gas grill, the newly designed Weber GENESIS is one of the biggest grilling innovations in decades. Every detail is meant to keep you outside where the party is, with integrated LED lights in the lid handle ensuring that even sundown never stops your grilling game. The Weber GENESIS SP-E-325s propane gas grill also shines a spotlight on improved performance, coupling 9mm stainless steel grates that soak up heat with a patented, rectangular design for the ported burners. The result is greater efficiency, precise heat, and reliable ignition for every cookout to come.

More Usable Space & Easier Cleanup

The Weber GENESIS SP-E-325s propane grill includes a suite of upgraded features, all in service of making your grilling experience less of a hassle. The most notable improvement is found in the staggering amount of space throughout the grill, starting with the grilling surface that receives a 50% increase in square inches when the top cooking grate is fully expanded. Similarly spacious for whatever task is at hand, the extra-large prep & serve table is the perfect place to get steaks ready for the grill, let them rest, or pass out appetizers before the main event even gets started. Better yet, you can keep multiple cutting boards or serving trays near the largest and hottest Weber sear zone to date, adding another layer of seamlessness to your grill. And we almost forgot the new and improved grease management system, with an integrated drip tray and included scraper to make cleanup simpler than ever.

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