Texas Original Pits The Luling 20X42X22 GFB-204222-SL

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Texas Original Pits The Luling 20X42X22


Key Features

  • 1180 sq. inches of cooking surface in main chamber for smoking or indirect grilling
  • 361 sq. inches of cooking surface in offset firebox for smoking or direct grilling over flame
  • Leak-free 1/4-inch steel construction for efficient burning and consistent temps
  • Dual damper airflow system for precise temperature control, from a high of 700 to a low of 150
  • Includes built-in pot warmer, firebox clean-out tool, 3-inch temp gauge, and 2-inch long X 1-inch diameter grease drain pipe with pail hook

The Texas Original Pits Luling 20x42x22 Single Lid Offset Smoker is hand-forged in the USA to meet your smoking needs. Its 1/4-inch steel construction guarantees a completely stable and flat cooking surface of 1,080 square inches. Leak-free double-weld construction ensures maximum airflow efficiency and heat retention, meaning you burn less wood for longer. Each Texas Original Pits smoker has hand-welded flanges on the doors to form a seal in order to keep in the heat and smoke. The dimensions in the name signify that this Luling smoker has 20-inch diameter chambers, a 42-inch long main chamber, and a 22-inch long firebox. The main cooking chamber comes equipped with one 19 3/4 x 36 1/2-inch slide-out cooking grate while the offset firebox contains one 19 x 18-inch cooking grate and a heavy-duty log grate. The offset firebox, by design, gives you the option to cook directly over the flame, if you need a nice sear. On top of the firebox sits a built-in pot warmer, good for keeping your sauces and sides warm. Dual airflow dampers allow for optimal temperature control and longer life for your fuel. Attached to the lid is the chrome stay-cool spring handle that keeps your hands cool while your smoker is piping hot. Adding to the rustic design, two 16-inch steel wagon wheels give this smoker mobility, allowing you to please a hungry crowd anywhere. With expert craftsmanship, maximum efficiency, and ease of use, the Luling Offset Smoker is sure to make you the neighborhood pitmaster.

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