Mr. BBQ Dual Action Grill Light

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The dual action grill light keeps you out of the dark and helps light your way when grilling at night. The LED super bright lights are adjustable to illuminate your whole grilling area to make sure you can be attentive to your food instead of trying to hold a flashlight. Charred and burnt food will be a thing of the past when you can clearly see exactly what you're grilling. The universal clamp fits securely on most grill handles to avoid slipping and the individual on/off switches allow you to light one side or both of your grill when needed. With the ability to pivot up and down and rotate 90 degrees, there will never be a single inch of your grill that will remain in the dark. It's even easy to clean with a damp cloth so you'll never need to be without your dual action grill light.
  • Led super bright lights

  • Rotating/pivoting head

  • Silicone strap

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