Billows™ BBQ Temperature Control Fan Kit

Sale price$69.00


  • Airflow
    46 CFM
  • Best-in-Class Airflow Technology: 46 CFM
    This is why billows is able to stabilize and control temperature over your entire cook more efficiently than any competitor.
  • Cable Length
    60 inches (1.5m)
  • Controller Compatibility: Works with any ThermoWorks controller
    Control your cook more efficiently with Billows and ThermaQ 2, SmokeX, or Signals.
  • Made to Fit Most Smokers
    Easy to fit into any smoker’s BBQ fan opening.
  • Opening
    1.18 x 1.57 inches (30 x 40 mm)
  • Power
    12V AC powered
  • Water Resistance
  • Control stability exceeds other units
  • Cool-touch industrial-molded weatherproof composite
  • Engineered in Utah by ThermoWorks
  • Fastest initial speed-to-temperature
  • Lowest overshoot, stabilizes faster
  • Maintains constant temperature control (±10°F/6°C typical) over entire cook
  • One integrated system to monitor and control smoker and meat temps
  • True charcoal flavor without the hassle of fire tending
  • Uses replaceable USB-C connector cables

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